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Get Started with Fotaflo

Here are the first steps to take to make sure you get set up, so you can start generating referral leads by delivering photos and videos to your guests.

The most important task you could do to maximize the benefit of using Fotaflo is to follow our instructions, guidelines, and best practices. The closer you comply with our directions, the better results you will have. The directions below provide you with the knowledge to implement the system and build consistency in operations. It is critical that you build operational consistency in your system as quickly as possible.

Take Photos and Videos

The earlier you set up your devices to start to upload photos or use any camera and start to import photos to the media page the better.

Choosing Photo and Video Locations 

Start with One Standard Photo Location

Make it easy on yourself and your staff by only taking one reservation photo at the beginning of your activity. By including this photo location at the start of the tour your staff can continue to focus on the rest of the tour as they normally would.

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Additional Photo Locations

You want to choose standard locations that will result in highly shareable photos for your guests. Having consistent and intentional photos vs. action photos where the photo-taking is repeatable with the best photo locations is critical to your success.  

Here is an article that will provide you with various Activity Example Albums.

Decide on your Delivery Method

Fotaflo has two main options to deliver your photos and videos to your guests once you have photos on the media page.

Deliver Selected

This method allows you to select specific media to deliver to your guests. Use Deliver Selected if there is one camera used to take photos of your guests over a short time frame, approximately 3 hours.

Deliver Matching

This method is used to deliver media that match the filters you set on the media page search fields. Use Deliver Matching if you’re using multiple cameras over a large timeframe or if you have enabled labels to organize your photos and videos. 

Automatic Delivery

Fotaflo’s integrations make it possible to automatically deliver photos and videos to your guests using reservation or participant labels.

Staff Training Programs 

We have best practices and tips for how to train your staff to get the photos most frequently shared by guests. If you'd like to follow our online directions and train your staff on your own, please navigate to how do I train my photographers?

What's Next?

Now it's time to make Fotaflo part of your everyday operations.