How do I configure my portal settings?

Set up the portal pages where your guests and referral leads will view the albums. Upload logos, backgrounds, configure your call-to-action button and third-party review services.

Main settings

Logo and background image

You are able to add your logo, a custom background image and you can choose portal colours to match the feel of your website and branding.

You don't want your background image to be too 'busy' and take away from the guests viewing their photos.

Call to action

The most important action a guest or a social referral can take is to book your activity. We provide a custom "Book Now" button on your portal to make this easy. You can set the text that will be displayed on the button as well as the target URL to visit when the button is clicked.

You get to choose what you want the call to action for your guests and their friends and family to be, some other ideas:

  • Find out more information about 'Company name'
  • View our Blog
  • Learn more about our current tours and activities!

Portal colors

Customize your primary brand color and choose the button text and button colors for your call-to-action button.

Portal captions

In this section, you will be able to change the text and messaging that your guests and their friends and family see in the portal. We are providing some example content below, but you should use the editor to format the text.

Guest caption - giveaway and purchase

The messaging on these portal pages should focus on having your guests share their photos with friends and families.

  • "Here are all of your awesome photos! We would love for you to share your photos with friends and family. To share photos or videos select them individually (or select all), then click on the Facebook icon or any of the other sharing options."

Guest caption - Preview

The message on this page should explain how the guest can purchase their album and then what happens after they do.

  • "Hello and thank you for visiting 'Company name'. We hope that you had a great time! If you are interested in purchasing your photos click the "Buy" button. After your purchase is completed the screen will refresh and you will be able to access your photos without the watermark. You will also receive an email with access to your photos using the email you provided to complete the purchase.

Referral lead caption

The messaging in this section should provide the friends and family of your guests with more information about your company. Add in a description of your company; company name, location, and activity.

  • "We hope you enjoy these photos! We are 'Company name' and we are located at 'location' and we offer 'activities'. If you would like more information about 'Company name', click on our logo"

Third-Party Ratings

Review and rating services are also a very valuable way to grow your business. We allow you to add links to Yelp, TripAdvisor and Google into your portal to make it easy for guests to review your services.

Additional settings

Promo media position

You can choose to display promo media before or after the guest's media. This is just the default, the guest may filter and sort media after the initial display.

Combined video

By default, Fotaflo will combine all videos added to an album into a single video in the portal.  This setting allows you to choose to combine videos together.  If unchecked it will display all videos separately when viewed in the portal.


If a guest's album contains more than one label or media that spans multiple days you can display drop-down fields so the guest can more easily filter their media by selecting labels and dates. Enable this setting to show the filters in the portal.

Google Analytics

In addition to the analytics built into Fotaflo, you can also add your own Google Analytics tracking id to your portal. Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID below. This code should look like "UA-########-#".