How do I configure slideshow settings?

Choose the number of media to display per page, banners, and related slideshow settings.

Slideshow settings

Media per page

You can choose to display four photos and videos on each slideshow page or a single photo or video.

Slideshow speed

You can choose how long to display each page in the slideshow.

Slideshow target

If you have only one screen displaying the slideshow we recommend using the use same window option, make sure it is checked. This will open the slideshow in the same window each time you use the slideshow button on the media page.

If you have multiple screens displaying the slideshow then uncheck this option so you can create multiple windows and slide them to the screen you want to display them in.

You can also choose to display the slideshows in a new tab instead of a new window.


You can add your own banners to customize and advertise your location. You can choose to have a banner on the left, right or both sides of the slideshow.