How do I manage photos in an album that's been automatically delivered?

It's easy to add or remove photos in an automatically delivered album to keep your guests happy.

The key to getting the correct photos into automatically delivered guest albums is to ensure their reservation label is on the correct photos.  Watch the following video to find out how:

HubSpot Video


  1. Find the album and edit it. Note the label.
  2. Go to the media page and filter to the noted label.
  3. Select all the incorrect photos and use the bulk actions menu in the upper right to remove the noted label from those photos.
  4. Search the media page for the correct photos (probably by date and time range)
  5. Select the correct photos and use the bulk actions menu to add the noted label
  6. Go back to the album to ensure the photos are correct and send the guest a reminder to check out the album again.