How do I include a Thank You Video or Photo to Increase Reviews and Shares?

A great way to increase positive online reviews, referrals, and continue your relationship with your customers is to include a personalized thank you video from your guides in their albums.

How to include the video or photo in an album

There are two ways that you can include the video or photo in the album. The first option is more authentic!

  1. Record or capture a specific thank you video/photo after every tour or activity and upload it to the media page for delivery
    1. Update the Video Duration setting in the Fotaflo Android or iOS app to the longest video setting. The default is 5 seconds.
  2. Include a generic thank you video or photo in a Promo Media set

Thank you Video Content

The script is simple:

  1. Mention Guide and Company names
  2. Thank your guests for coming
  3. If possible, name them (by first name or family name or company)
  4. Mention something about their experience
  5. Sincerely ask them to review you on a review site or share their photos

Click play to watch an example from Abyss Diving

HubSpot Video

Example Transcript:

"Hey Everyone, Instructor name from Company name and I just want to say a big thank you and the end of the Free Diving course. What an amazing experience and you did it all. We saw amazing things and in the beautiful photos, I want you to check them out and share them with your friends. And if you feel like it, you can jump on and leave us a review."

Instructors and Guides are the strongest connection guests make with your business, which is why they are the feature guests are most likely to mention on review sites like TripAdvisor.

Including a surprise video in albums, where the guide is asking them for a review or to share their photos is the strongest call to action you could ever introduce to your guests to increase reviews. Plus your guests see this call to action when they are already online which is the best possible time.

Thank you Photo

Not ready to include a video? Try a Thank you photo instead. 

In this example, the company takes a photo each day of their crew and adds the 'thank you' text to the photo. The 'thank you photo' is included in all of the albums for that day. 

Reefdancer Thank You Photo Example

Here is another example where the company has a generic 'thank you photo' that is included in the album as promo media. 

Kokanee Mountain Zipline Thank you photo

*Video Promo Media is available for Standard and Plus plans. Lite plans can add a Thank you Promo Photo