How do I keep the Fotaflo app searching for new photos in the background?

Power saving settings on your Android device could be blocking the Fotaflo app from finding and uploading photos and videos in the background.

The following steps should help you ensure that the Fotaflo service remains active throughout the day.

The Fotaflo Android app is tuned for low-power usage by only actively processing when new photos are taken. It shouldn't consume significant amounts of power throughout the day when whitelisted from Android power-saving features.

Note: Any setting the restricts background data from being used will prevent uploading.

Turn off battery saver / power saving mode

Battery Saver usually turns on automatically when a device is low on battery (e.g. when it's down to 15%). When this mode is on it will inhibit the Fotaflo photo monitoring feature from finding new photos and uploading them.

To fix this issue either charge the device to automatically turn off Battery Saver or manually shut it off using the notification menu or settings.

  • From a Home screen, swipe up or down to access apps screen then navigate: Settings > Device care
  • Tap the Battery icon
  • Power saving mode mode is disabled or Optimized or High Performance

Turn off battery optimization for the Fotaflo app

Android's Battery Optimization feature can also block or shut down the Fotaflo photo monitoring service throughout the day forcing you to open the Fotaflo app to initiate uploading your photos.

To set Android to not optimize the Fotaflo app:

  1. Open Settings.
    Android 2.1.0 - settings icon
  2. Search for Battery Optimization and tap the search result.
    Android 2.1.0 - settings, battery optimization
  3. Tap the Not optimized drop-down near the top of the screen and select All apps.
    Android 2.1.0 - battery optimization 1
  4. Type "fotaflo" into the search bar at the top of the screen and tap on the Fotaflo app in the search results.
    Android 2.1.0 - battery optimization 2
  5. Select Don't optimise and tap Done.
    Android 2.1.0 - battery optimization 3
  6. Restart the Fotaflo app.

Battery Optimization - Google Pixel

  • Go to settings and search for Battery Optimisation
  • If Fotaflo is listed as “Optimized,” tap the app
  • Then Not Optimize and then Done.

Battery Optimization - Samsung

  • Go to Settings and search for Optimize battery usage.
  • Search for the Fotaflo app
  • Tap the app switch to turn off the switch off

Go to Settings > Apps > Click the three dots on the top right > Special access > Optimize battery usage

Other Batter Settings

If you can't find the above battery settings here are some more for you to check out.

More Battery Settings

Turn off the Adaptive battery setting

Battery Processing Speed

If uploads are not happening under the Optimized selection then change it to High and test uploading again.

Samsung devices

On Samsung devices, there are sometimes additional power-saving settings that could interfere with the Fotaflo photo monitoring service throughout the day.

Make Fotaflo an unmonitored app

Samsung's Device Maintenance features provide additional ways to optimize the performance of your device.

Go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery and set Fotaflo to be an "Unmonitored app".

Additional Troubleshooting

If you've followed the above advice and the Fotaflo app still doesn't find and upload your new photos in a timely manner then you can try the following:

Samsung devices: Dock part of the app at the top of the screen using the snap-window feature

Most devices: Open the Fotaflo and Camera apps in split-screen mode. Note that many camera apps won't allow you to use it in split-screen mode but this has been tested to work on some Samsung devices.

If your device is not uploading photos, please review this article:

How do I troubleshoot media uploads on my Android app?