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How do I manage Android app settings?

The Fotaflo Android app settings let you change your device location, camera name, and video settings.

To access the Fotaflo Android app settings

  1. Open the main menu
    Android 2.1.0 - menu button
  2. Select Settings
    Android 2.1.0 - main menu

Changing account settings

You can quickly switch locations or camera names in the settings and choose whether you are using a personal device or a dedicated work device. Tap the setting you'd like to change.

Android 2.1.0 - location, camera settings

Changing video settings

If your subscription includes videos you can configure settings related to that feature.

Android 2.1.0 - video settings

Maximum length

This setting determines the maximum length for all videos uploaded to Fotaflo. Any videos longer than the configured duration will be trimmed to that length.

The default duration is 10 seconds.

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 3.50.53 PM

Upload video on Wifi only

If you are using cell data you might want to wait until you are on a Wifi connection to upload videos since they can generate large file sizes. Use this setting to control if videos will always upload, or only on a Wifi connection.

The default is to always upload videos.