How do I configure my FareHarbor-Fotaflo Integration Settings?

You can manage how albums are automatically delivered to your guests using the FareHarbor integration.

When will the albums be delivered?

The timing of automatic album deliver will depend on whether you are giving away photos or selling on-site or at-home.

  • Giveaway and Purchase Deliveries are delivered as soon as a photo associated with a reservation has uploaded and it's later than the tour start time.
  • Preview Deliveries are delivered 1 hour after the tour end time.

How are automated deliveries displayed Fotaflo?

Automatically delivered albums are displayed on the albums page once they have been delivered, just like manually delivered albums. They will have an automatic delivery indication on them. The default promo media set (if configured) will be included in the album.

Integration- album delivery display-1

Select Activities to Send to Fotaflo

If you have multiple activities in FareHarbor the first step is to select which activities you want to send to Fotaflo. The article How do integration labels work? explains how you can do that.

Giveaway Delivery

If you give away photos there's only one option to select. Enabling giveaway delivery will automatically deliver albums to your reservations. If you uncheck this setting, albums won't be delivered.

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 12.07.58 PM

Purchase and Preview Deliveries

If you sell photos onsite or provide preview photos for guests to purchase at home there are additional settings required so Fotaflo knows if guests have purchased photos with their reservations. The steps below walk you through setting up the mapping between FareHarbor options and Fotaflo delivery.

If you don't have packages and pricing set up in Fotaflo please email and we will help you set that up.


FareHarbor Custom Fields

The first step is to set up a custom field in FareHarbor that will indicate if photos have been purchased as part of the reservation. These steps are all performed in FareHarbor.


  1. Go to Settings, Custom Fields (under the Build Section on the left)  
    1. Click + New Custom Field
      1. Field Type: Dropdown list of options
      2. Internal Name: Fotaflo Photo Package
      3. SKU: Fotaflo Photo Package
      4. Title: Would you like to purchase a photo package?
      5. Description: "We are now offering photo packages. Guides have been trained to capture the best possible photos of your adventure!  You can order your album in advance or view your photos after your adventure and then purchase. Your album will be sent to you via email or text where you can view, download and share your photos on social media immediately after!
      6. If priced, change price of all customers on booking: check if you are selling per person
      7. Private: leave unchecked
    2. Dropdown Options: 
      1. + New option
        1. Yes:
          1. Visibility: Visible
          1. Price: Select change and enter the price
          2. Tax: Inherit or set your tax amount
          3. Discount: 0% Discount
        1. No:
          1. Visibility: Visible
          2. Price: None
          3. Tax: Inherit
          4. Discount: 0% Discount
  1. Assign the Custom Field to the item
    1. Go to Items
    2. Click Edit on the item you would like to add the Custom Field to
    3. On the left select Options and Prices
    4. Select Whole-booking fields
    5. Scroll down and click on + Add custom field
    6. Click choose an option and search for the Photo package
    7. Click Add
    8. Make sure the question requires an answer, check this box
  2. Create a couple of test reservations

Fotaflo  Integration Settings
The following steps are performed on the integration settings page in Fotaflo. These steps will map the FareHarbor custom field to the packages that you want to deliver to your guests.

  1. Click Edit Purchases/Preview Field Mapping for the activity you want to configure:
    Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 12.17.42 PM
  2. Under the section Would you like to purchase a photo package? you will choose which package will be sent to guests based on how the FareHarbor custom field is set.
    1. Option: Yes
      1. Purchase or Preview: Choose Purchase
      2. Package: Choose the package they should receive if they have purchased photos.
    2. Option: No
      1. Purchase or Preview: Choose Preview
      2. Package: Choose the package they should receive if they haven't purchased photos and they will be purchased from home.

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 12.25.42 PM

This is a simple example of mapping FareHarbor custom fields to delivery options in Fotaflo, but there are many other possible configurations. If you have a more complex pricing structure or need help configuring the mappings, please contact