How do I remind guests of their experience by resending their photos manually?

Easily redeliver albums to your guests. Amplify the emotional connection guests have with your brand long-term and extend the social reach of your photos by re-delivering their albums.

Create the template

Create or update the email and SMS message you would like to send to your guests on the Templates setting.

  • Main menu > Setting > Templates > + Add a Template

Configure the template in the Email setting

Then confirm that template you want to deliver for manual reminders.

  • Main menu > Setting > Email > Templates Tab > Notification Type: Manual Reminder Template: Template Dropdown

Screen Shot 2021-10-18 at 12.35.19 PM


If you would like to test the process, deliver an album to yourself first and then use the following process to deliver the manual reminder.

Follow these steps to send a manual reminder email

Remind one guest in an album

  • Go to the Main Menu button and select Guests
  • From there filter to the segment of guests you want to deliver to.
  • Use the action menu (three vertical dots) on the guest card to Edit the album

Open the album in a different tab. Then you can open a bunch of albums at one time and send the reminder. Instead of going back and forth from the guest page.

  • In the album, along the line that shows the email or phone number of the guest, you will see three vertical dots
  • Click the three vertical dots along the row of the contact information of the guest you would like to remind

  • Click the Remind option

Segment your manual delivers over time. ie. Deliver to July guests the first week of January, August guests the second week, etc.

Remind all guests of one album

In the album, you can remind all of the guests at one time by clicking the three dots above the contact information.

Video Instructions