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How do I select media on the media page?

Select photos and videos on the media page and take actions on groups of selected media.

Selecting individual media or multiple media and the top bar will change colour to indicate that there is selected media. There will also be a selected media counter in the middle of the top bar and any selected media will show they are selected with a checkmark on the top left of a photo.

You can navigate away from the media page with selected media and return to it and the media will still be selected.

F3 - Select media intro

Individual media

Click anywhere on the photo portion of the media card to select or deselect an individual media card.

Multiple media

Use the search filters to find a set of media and then use the Select all button on the top bar to select all of the media.

Selected media actions

Once you have selected media you can take action on them using the selected media action menu on the top right. You can also manually deliver the selected media to your guests.