How do I send album deliveries from my e-mail address?

Send album deliveries from your email address to increase trust in your brand, help keep them out of spam folders and provide support for guests.

Keeping deliveries out of spam folders

Email is the primary method for delivering photos and videos to your guests so it's critical that we keep those emails from being recognized as spam and blocked from delivery to their mailboxes. Fotaflo employs a number of strategies to help ensure the delivery emails are trusted:

  1. We build our email servers' reputations by avoiding sending unsolicited emails to guests as well as providing an unsubscribe link and abiding by it if used.
  2. We provide Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records to allow receivers to verify the emails originated properly from our servers.

You can send the album delivery emails using your own email address to help increase the trust and reputation of the emails to help keep the emails from bouncing or ending up in spam folders. 

As a location administrator, you can navigate to Settings > Email and enter your desired email address for that location. We suggest using a long-lived email address that can be used for support since guests may reply to deliveries sent months or even years after.

Sender email address

Invalid SPF

It is ok if you see this message after you enter your email address. It means that you need to configure your SPF record.

Since our servers will still be sending the email with your email address it would look suspicious to receiving mail servers unless your email domain explicitly provides authorization for our servers using an SPF record. For this reason, when you add a sender email address we will validate the domain to see if it has an SPF record that contains our credentials: "".

If it doesn't then emails will send from our Fotaflo email address but will use your sender email address as the "reply-to" address so that replies to these deliveries still get back to you.

Configuring SPF

The owner of the sender email address domain name must change or add an SPF record to their domain to include a reference to

For example, if their existing spf is:

“v=spf1 a mx -all”

It should be modified to:

“v=spf1 a mx -all”

If there is no SPF record a reasonable default would be:

“v=spf1 a mx ~all”

Note that “~all” (with a tilde) at the end configures the SPF to “Soft Fail” all servers that aren’t from the original domain or “-all” (with a dash) denotes a “Hard Fail” for all servers that aren’t white-listed. We recommend using “~all” for new SPF records to be sure you don’t mess up other email configurations you may have.

If there is already an existing SPF record, use whatever form of “all” is already there and simply add “” before it.

You can use this SPF wizard to create an SPF record from scratch.

To configure your SPF record you can use the following guides for some popular registrars:

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Network Solutions (3rd Party Guide)
  3. (3rd Party Guide)
  5. 1&1 Ionos
  6. Cloudflare (3rd Party Guide)

SPF Validation


You can test your domain’s SPF record using this tool.


You can use this tool to find the registrar of a domain if you're unsure what yours is.