How do I troubleshoot media uploads on my Android app?

Use the information below so that your device starts uploading media.

Troubleshooting Basics

If your device is not uploading photos, please make sure you have checked the following:
  • You are logged into the Fotaflo app
  • Monitoring is turned ON for designated work devices. If you are using a personal device you can leave Monitoring off.
  • The device has an internet connection. Minimum requirement:  1MB down and 0.5 MB up
    • Go to and search for an internet speed test
    • Tap or click Run Speed Test
  • Check the Google PlayStore to see if the Fotaflo app needs to be updated.
  • Check the date and time set on the device is correct

    Battery Optimization and App Monitoring

    Battery Power Mode Settings

    • From a Home screen, swipe up or down to access apps screen then navigate: Settings > Device care
      • Tap the Battery icon
      • Power mode > Optimized or High Performance

    Battery Optimization

    Google Pixel

    • Open your phone's Settings app.
    • Tap Apps & notifications And then Advanced And then Special app access And then Battery optimization.
    • If Fotaflo is listed as “Optimized,” tap the app And then Not Optimize And then Done.


    • From a Home screen, swipe up or down to access apps screen then navigate: Settings > Apps.
      • Tap the Menu icon Menu icon (upper-right) then tap Special access.
      • Tap Optimize battery usage.
      • Tap the Dropdown menu Dropdown icon (at the top) then tap All.
      • Find the Fotaflo app, tap the app switch to turn off Switch off.
        Note Apps or services unable to be optimized appear grayed out.

    App Monitoring

    Make sure that Android battery-saving features aren't interfering with the Fotaflo app: Keep the Fotaflo app monitoring in the background

    Note: Any setting the restricts background data from being used will prevent uploading.

    File Management

    Max File Size

    Each photo must be less than 50 Megapixels and 40 Megabytes to work properly in our system.

    Device Storage

    Make sure you have enough storage space on the device. Delete any unused applications and old photos that have already been uploaded.

    Network Authentication Error

    • Check that you are connecting to the correct network
    • Check that you have entered the correct password and that the password hasn't changed
    • Try Airplane mode with WiFi turned on
    • Forget the network and join it again


    If nothing else resolves the issue you are experiencing then try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.