How do I use a personal device to upload existing media with integration labels? (Android)

If you are using a personal device you will want to use this method to upload existing photos with integration labels, so that only guest photos get uploaded to the album.

Step 1: Open Fotaflo and confirm the following settings are configured

  • Connected to WiFi or Cellular Data
  • Monitoring is turned OFF

Step 2: Take Photos of the guests using your camera


Step 3: Open Fotaflo and upload the photos that you took using the Upload Existing Media feature

  • Click Add Labels

  • Choose the integration labels that you want to associate with the photos

  • Select the Go Back button

  • Open the settings menu and select Upload Existing Media

  • Select Gallery to upload the photos you have taken

  • Select the photos you want to upload

Hold and select multiple photos to upload more than one at a time for newer Android operating systems.

If you select the same photo twice it won't upload a second time.

  • Confirm all of the photos have uploaded and then clear the labels

Troubleshoot Photo Uploading

If your photos are not uploading please review this page: