How do I use a work device to upload media with integration labels?

Integration labels are labels that are automatically created and managed by your integration that have the guest's contact information connected to the label for automatic delivery.

Managing Integration Labels on a Device

Photo uploading works the same way as it does with standard labels. Photos are automatically added to albums as they upload as long as they have the integration label associated with them, even if you go in and out of WiFi or cellular range.

In this example, we are using an iOS device, but the Android application will work similarly.

  • Labels created by reservation and waiver system integrations are based on the date and 24 hour times so that they sort from oldest to newest on devices using the Fotaflo Android or iOS apps.
  • Integration labels visible on devices have a start time within 12 hours before and 12 hours after the current time so you can see labels that are relevant to current bookings.
  • If there are integration labels that are not expiring off the label list on the device, please contact
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Managing Integration Labels on a work deviceManaging Integration Labels

Managing integration labels on the media page

On the media page, you can add or remove media on individual media cards or you can select multiple media cards and manage the integration labels all at one time. You can also add integration labels to the media while using the import feature.

You can quickly filter down labels by starting to type either a guest's name or the date (e.g. 2019/08/14) in the search fields.

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