How do I use Fotaflo on a dedicated work Android device?

It's simple and easy to capture and upload media from your dedicated work device. This article will help you if you get stuck.

The Fotaflo Android app works differently depending on if you're using a personal device or a dedicated work device. 

A "dedicated work device" is an Android device that is only used for taking and uploading photos and videos with Fotaflo. They are typically owned by your business and do not have any personal app or data on them. If you are using a personal device for Fotaflo please see How do I use Fotaflo on a personal Android device?

You can set the app for a personal or dedicated work device in the app settings: How do I manage Android app settings?

On dedicated work devices the Fotaflo app will upload all photos and videos, even if you use a different camera app.

Photos and videos are removed from the device once they are confirmed to be uploaded to Fotaflo.

First, the basics

  1. Make sure that the device is connected to the internet (either mobile or WiFi). The Fotaflo app will indicate if you are currently connected.
    Android 2.1.0 - network, wifi
    Android 2.1.0 - network, cell
    Android 2.1.0 - network, disconnected
  2. Make sure that battery saver mode is turned off and the Fotaflo app is not being optimized: How do I keep the Fotaflo app monitoring for new photos in the background?

Using the default camera app.

To take photos in dedicated work mode you can simply use the default camera app on your device, making sure that you have the correct labels selected in the Fotaflo app before capturing photos and videos.

You'll see notifications indicating that the Fotaflo app has found the new photos and videos and is processing and uploading them.

Fotaflo Android 2.1.0 - notifications

Using the Fotaflo in-app camera

You can also launch the camera from within the Fotaflo app:

  1. Open the Fotaflo app.
    Screenshot (May 20, 2021 94418 a.m.)
  2. Add any labels to associate with the photos or videos. How do I add labels to media in the Android app?
  3. Select Take Video or Take Photos from in the Fotaflo app.
    Android 2.1.0 - take photos, work mode
  4. Capture the desired photos or videos. Once they're taken photos and videos will immediately start uploading to Fotaflo.