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How do I install and set up the Fotaflo Android app?

The first step to capturing, uploading, and delivering photos and videos is to install the Fotaflo Android app and log in.

Install the Fotaflo Android app using the Google Play Store

Use the Google Play Store to install the Fotaflo Android app, then log in and select your location and camera name.

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
    Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 3.10.31 PM

  2. Search for "Fotaflo" and tap Install.
    Google Play Store - install

  3. Once the app is installed tap Open.
    Google Play Store - open
  4. Log in using your Fotaflo user account email and password. An Administrator will need to send you an invitation if you do not have an account. Camera ID's can be created, edited deleted in the Camera settings section.
    Android 2.1.0 - sign in

  5. Choose your location and camera. To change locations click the location space and to change the camera ID click the camera space. 
    Android 2.1.0 - location & camera
  6. Choose whether you are using a personal device or a dedicated work device.
    1. Personal devices will only upload photos and videos taken in the Fotaflo app. This is the best choice if you're using a personal phone and don't want Fotaflo photos getting mixed in with your personal photos.
    2. Dedicated work devices will upload all photos and videos taken, even if you use a different camera app. This is the best choice if you have devices that are only used for Fotaflo.

    Android 2.1.0 - device role-1