How do I manage labels?

Labels make it easier to search and sort photos and videos. When photos and videos are labelled it can be faster to deliver them to your guests.

Enabling labels lets you assign simple text labels to photos and videos to easily group, find, and deliver them. Integration labels let you automatically deliver albums to your guests. Here is more information on how Integration labels work.

Self-created labels and Integration labels

Self-created labels

Labels that you manually create on the labels setting. They are best used for organizing and filtering photos and videos on the media page. Self-created labels will not automatically deliver an album. 

Integration labels

Integration labels are automatically created when Fotaflo receives reservation or waiver contact information from your booking or waiver software. Only integration labels will automatically deliver an album.

Integration labels and self-created labels are all displayed on the Labels settings page.

Add, edit and delete a label

You can add new self-created labels, edit a label or delete a label.

Label information

Each label will show information about the media associated with that label.

  • The number of media
  • The newest media and old media 
  • A preview of 3 of media

Integration label information

Integration labels will also show you if it is inactive, meaning there is no email address or phone number in the reservation to deliver to.