Setting up the Bokún Integration

Integrate your Bokún reservation system with Fotaflo. This integration provides a more seamless photo delivery experience for you and your guests.

This guide helps you integrate your reservation system with Fotaflo by sending reservation data using notification webhooks from Bokún.

When a webhook reservation is sent, Fotaflo will parse the request and store:

  1. the name and contact information of the guests
  2. the date and time the tour starts and ends

It will then create a label for that reservation using the dates, times and contact names provided. A tour guide using the Fotaflo app to take photos of guests will be able to select any labels for tours which begin within 24 hours (12 hours in the past to 12 hours in the future). Once one or more labels are selected they can continue the tour and any photos taken will be labelled when uploaded to Fotaflo.

Finally, if automated deliveries are enabled, the photos associated with a reservation label will be delivered.

Deliveries are automatically sent according to the following default settings:

  • If your location does giveaway deliverieswithin 5 minutes of the first photo uploaded to that label after the tour start time.

Bokún Integration Setup Summary

  1. Go to the Fotaflo integration settings page and select Bokún from the list of possible integrations.  If you are unable to reach the page, please contact Fotaflo support.
  2. Choose the appropriate time zone for your location and select Create

  3. Select the Manage Integration Keys button
    Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 2.05.05 PM
  4. Click the Generate Integration Key button in the lower right-hand corner:
                                              Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 2.01.51 PM
  5. Create the Fotaflo Webhook URL
    1. Copy the Integration Key that you generated in step 5
    2. Paste the Integration Key in this URL: https://[INTEGRATION KEY] 
    3. For example, if the [INTEGRATION KEY] were abcd1234abcd1234abcd1234 then the URL you copy to your clipboard should be:

Bokún Settings

  • Sign into your Bókun account

  • Click the gear icon in the top right corner and click on Integrated Systems

  • Click Add and select HTTP product booking notification (NOT HTTP booking notification)

  • Paste the Fotaflo Webhook URL with your integration key into the URL field

  • Add Booking Created to the Title field

  • Check the boxes "Notify on booking confirmed", "Notify on booking updated" and "Notify on booking cancelled"bokun-webhook-settings

  • Click "Save"
  • At this point the integration is live and any new or updated bookings will be sent to Fotaflo.

Testing the Bokún Integration 

  1. Create a booking in Bokún making sure to select an appropriate tour date and time.

  2. Look in Fotaflo for a matching label for the name in step 1.

  3. Add the label to a photo and make sure the album has automatically delivered on the Albums page, this process can take up to 5 minutes.

Multiple Activities

  1. If multiple activities are added to the same booking in Bokún, Fotaflo will parse them into separate labels.  For instance if a booking were created with a Zipline tour at 09:00 on July 3rd, 2021 and an ATV tour at 13:00 on July 4th, 2021 then two labels would be created for photographers to use:
      1. 2021/07/03-09:00-Zipline Tour-Guest Names
      2. 2021/07/04-13:00-ATV Tour-Guest Names

    1. This allows your photographers to choose the guest label specific to the activity they're participating in and keeps the label easy to find on the mobile app.
    2. In this case one album will be automatically delivered to the guests once photos are uploaded for the Zipline tour on July 3rd.  The photos taken on the ATV tour on July 4th will be added to the same album and guest would just need to re-visit the original link sent to them to access the additional photos.