Tips for Memory Creators

A selection of articles and tips for memory creators to get the most out of capturing photos.

How to use the Fotaflo app

Capturing great photos that your guests want to share is the first step in generating referrals. Watch the videos below for information and tips on using the Fotaflo app to capturing capture and upload amazing photos and videos.

Securing the camera

This video shows how to attach a Fotaflo handheld camera to a photographer. This method is used to secure the camera close to the body to prevent it from swinging around and to limit damage to a camera if it is dropped.

HubSpot Video

Taking Photos to Make an Album

There are a few important points about putting together photo albums that we want to highlight before we get to the examples.

  1. Providing a standard set of photos to guests requires creating a repeatable plan for which photos you take.
  2. It's important to provide the right mix of photos. You can see below that most of the photos are individual intentional photos with only a few action photos and group photos.  Intentional photos are the most important photos to provide to your guests.
  3. Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to a photo marketing service.
  4. Fotaflo's 5 Guidelines, make sure that safety is always your top priority, while also ensuring that the guest experience, time of tour, consistency, and photographer experience are the best they can be.

  5. Example Albums