Tips for Retail Staff

We've gathered the most important articles and tips for retail staff into one helpful page.

For quick delivery of photos and videos to your guests, retail staff will need to know how to use the media page to view and deliver photo albums. The albums page will allow staff to review albums that have been delivered or saved.

Here are some videos to show your staff the basics:

Delivery Methods

Fotaflo has two main options to deliver your photos and videos

1. Deliver Selected

This method allows you to select specific media to deliver to your guests. Use Deliver Selected if there is one camera used to take photos of your guests over a short time frame, approximately 3 hours.

Deliver Selected Video

2. Deliver Matching

This method is used to deliver media that matches the criteria you set on the media page search fields. Use Deliver Selected if you’re using multiple cameras over a large timeframe or if you have enabled labels to organize your photos and videos.

Deliver Matching Video

How to use the Albums Page Videos

Albums Overview