How are files managed on an Android device?

When photos and videos get taken on an Android device the Fotaflo app moves them to different folders to process and upload them.

The photos that get taken on your device are copied or moved (depending on your Android device) from the built-in gallery to separate Fotaflo folders for processing and uploading. This is all automated, but sometimes a file gets stuck and you need to try to upload it again or delete it.

Note: On some Android devices when the file gets moved from the gallery it will show a grey box with an exclamation point, that is normal. Those files are not missing or corrupt.

File Folder Organization

The Fotaflo folder can be found within the My Files app on your device.   

  • My Files>Internal Storage>Pictures>Fotaflo

  • Within the Fotaflo folder, you have 5 folders
    1. Original: will have the original file from the built-in gallery
    2. Waiting: contains folders where files are processed
    3. Resizing: resizes the image, if necessary
    4. Uploading: will show the file that is currently uploading (one at a time)
    5. Uploaded: stores a copy of the uploaded files

  • The Waiting folder contains 6 folders that process the files

Manually Managing Files on the Device

This process should not be part of your standard workflow. It should only be used as a troubleshooting option if something out of the ordinary happened.

If there were files that you manually needed to upload it again. You can move that file to the Found folder (My Files>Internal Storage>Pictures>Fotaflo>waiting>found)

  • Select the files
  • Click 'Move'
  • Navigate to the found folder and click 'Move here'


Manually Deleting Files on the Device

If your app is crashing there is probably a large file (i.e., a video) that needs to be deleted. You can search the Fotaflo folders to find that file and delete it off of the device.

  • Select the file(s)
  • Click 'Delete'
  • Confirm deleting the file