How can I see the status of deliveries?

There are many ways to deliver albums to your customers. Ensuring that your customers receive their albums is one of the most critical parts of operating a photo marketing solution. It's important to be careful to accurately enter email addresses and

To make it easier to know if a recipient has received their album we show the current status of deliveries. There are three statuses that we show when you're viewing an individual album:

  • Delivering: Message is in the process of being sent but delivery has not been confirmed.
  • Delivered: Message delivery has been confirmed.
  • Error: A problem occurred sending the message such as a temporary bounce (e.g. mailbox is full), a permanent bounce (e.g. invalid email), unsubscribe request, or spam report

You can also see detailed notification history for every recipient. This log shows every notification that's been sent to that recipient. To open the delivery log click on the current status for the recipient you want to view.


The following example shows that the original notification email was delivered and opened three times. A reminder notification was sent after and that was also opened three times. You can also see the detailed delivery statuses and timing for each notification.


Having this detailed information can help to troubleshoot notification issues such as typos in email addresses or errors due to a customers mailbox being full.

Here's an example showing an email that couldn't be delivered because the email address that was entered doesn't exist. It's likely a typo, or possibly the customer provided an incorrect email address.


If the customer is still on site you have an opportunity to double-check the address. If they've already left maybe you have their email address in another place like your reservation system or point-of-sale terminal that you can compare against.