How do I configure Automatic Reminders?

Reminders allow you to easily redeliver albums to your guests and advocates. Reminders are a powerful way to extend the social reach of your photos.

There are 3 different option for you to choose from for delivering automatic reminder albums to your guests. There are a few default reminders set up with standard email content, but you can create and manage email templates for the different types of email deliveries.

  1. Recipients who haven't viewed their album
  2. All Recipients
  3. Top Advocates
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Recipients Who Haven't Viewed Their Album

Who wants to be checking their email on vacation?

You can specifically remind guests who haven’t viewed their albums. We suggest configuring this reminder with a shorter time period, let's say 3 to 7 days after their album was first delivered. By doing this you will give them another chance to view their photos and share their experience with friends and family. This will also limit support you might have to provide to guests if they accidentally deleted the original email.

These reminders are set up by default to go out 7 days after the original album was delivered.

All Recipients

Automatically remarket to guests with their own personal memories. You now have the option to customize exactly when your reminders go out so you can remind guests at the times they are most likely to take action. 

All Recipient reminders are set up by default to go out 30, 180, 364, 730 days after the original album delivery. 

Top Advocates

An advocate is a guest who shares their album and generates referrals. From the Guests page you can view advocates for any time range you'd like, sorted by who generated the most inbound referral leads from sharing their albums. Top Advocates are your guests who have done the most sharing of your brand message to their network of friends and families.

Using the email templates feature you can create a template with a specific thank-you message or a special offer just for your top advocates. Choose the minimum number of referrals in the past month for your top advocates to qualify to receive this unique message and that's it. Every week your top advocates will receive an email reminder with their own photos and a specific message just for them. The top advocate reminder will be delivered to your guests one time.

This feature is available in Standard and Plus plans.