How do I deliver photos and videos to guests?

Learn the basics of delivering photos and videos to guests including delivering selected media, matching media, and include promo media. You may not see all of the same features depending on your Fotaflo plan.

How do I deliver specific selected media?

This method allows you to select specific media to deliver to your guests. Use Deliver Selected if you don't have a natural way to group photos for delivery based on filters or if there is one camera used to take photos of your guests over a short time frame, approximately 3 hours.

Giveaway Media Example

Deliver Selected - Giveaway Number of Guests

Selling Media Example

Deliver Selected - Purchases Number of Guests

How do I deliver media that matches a set of filters?

This method is used to deliver media that matches the filters you set in the catalog. Use Deliver Matching if you’re using multiple cameras over a large timeframe or if you have enabled labels to organize your media.

Giveaway Media Example

Deliver Matching - Giveaway Number of Guests

Selling Media Example

Deliver Matching - Purchases Number of Guests