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How do I identify my advocates?

The Advocates page allows you to easily identify and reconnect with the top social advocates among your guests. An advocate is any guest that has viewed their album. You can see at a glance which of your guests are generating the most referral leads.

The advocates page will also display totals of all referral activity, such as total visitors, total visitors to original albums, total visitors to shared albums and total shares. 

  • Advocates - The number of advocates you have is displayed on the top left of the Advocates page
  • Orange Circle - Total Visitors that viewed an Original or Shared Album
  • Black Icon (Original Visitors) - Total Visitors that viewed an Original Album (includes visitors from a forwarded email)
  • White Icon (Shared Visitors) - Total Visitors that viewed a Shared Album (Email, Facebook, and Twitter)
  • Share Icon - Total Shares from an Original Album

The time range will default to show the advocates and total referral activity for the past week. You can change the dates and click filter to expand the time range and the numbers will adjust. 

Our reminder tool allows you to reach out to your advocates with one click to send them a reminder of their visit and encourage them to share again to further extend the referral reach of their photos.

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