How do I manage unsubscribed email and phone numbers?

Manage emails and phone numbers that have requested to be unsubscribed from communications.

Unsubscribing prevents Fotaflo from contacting specific email addresses or phone numbers. If a guest has requested not to be contacted you can add their email or phone and nothing will ever be sent from Fotaflo to those unsubscribed addresses and numbers.

If you have multiple locations in Fotaflo your unsubscribes apply to all locations to ease administration.

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We hope this feature will give you peace of mind that your guests are only receiving the communications they want and you don't have to worry about sending emails or text messages to guests who have opted out.

Unsubscribe Setting

You'll find the unsubscribes feature on your settings page.

  • Click the button to unsubscribe and choose email or phone from the drop-down option.

  • Enter the email address or phone number
  • Click Save

If you add an email address or phone number to your unsubscribe list it will prevent that address or number from receiving any communication from Fotaflo, such as delivery notifications, automatic reminders, or guest campaign messages. 

Note: They will still have access to their album.

Additional Pages to Unsubscribe Guests

You can easily add and remove email addresses and phone numbers from the list as well as add and remove guests from the lists directly from the guests page and when editing individual albums.

Guests Page

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Albums Page