How do I track my marketing results?

Fotaflo provides a wide variety of analytics and benchmarks to measure the performance of your photo marketing solution.

Understanding Fotaflo Charts

Analytics uses a common chart format that shows the results of a given measurement for a specified time period grouped by day, week, or month. Charts can also show a comparison with the previous period. If you have enough historic data the results (orange line) will be compared with the same period from the previous year (grey line).

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Chart Options

You can control the following options for charts:

  1. The date range to be displayed
  2. Whether to group data by day, week, or month
  3. Whether to compare the data with the previous period or not (grey line). If past year's of data is available you'll see a comparison against the same period a year ago. Otherwise, it'll be compared to the previous period (i.e., this month compared to last month).

Chart options


Guest Deliveries

Number of guests who received albums.

Every time you send an album to an email address or phone number that is a guest delivery. This chart shows the number of deliveries and allows you to see your overall delivery activity.

How do I improve?

Delivering photos and videos is the first step to generating referral and repeat bookings with photo marketing. To get the most benefit you want to deliver albums to as many guests as possible. Ideally all of them!

Compare your guest deliveries to your overall business volume to determine if you're meeting your guests expectations. If you aren't delivering photos and videos to a significant percentage of your guests it might be time to review why you're using a photo marketing solution, staff training, and your photo locations.

If you need more help overcoming operational challenges get in touch with us and we'll provide 1-on-1 consultation to determine improvements.

Active Guests

Number of guests who first viewed their album.

An active guest is a guest who first viewed their album in the specified time period.

How do I improve?

In order to increase your active guests you should review your email templates to make sure they have a clear call-to-action and body text that motivates your guests to view their albums.


Number of guests who generated at least one referral lead.

An advocate is a guest who shared their album and caused at least one other person to view the shared album. Advocates are typically sorted by the number of referral leads they generate. Advocates are your greatest marketing asset since they provide a trusted, authentic, endorsement of your business to their extended network of friends and family. These are networks of leads that you normally don't have access to when posting to your owned or paid media channels.

How do I improve?

To increase advocacy you should focus on motivating your guests to share their photos from your portal.

  • Make sure you have engaging messaging on your portal that encourages guests to share.
  • Include a thank you video, ideally with a personal message, to encourage sharing.
  • Include a personal video showing your guests how to share from the portal.
  • Create incentives to share. Run contests for the most referrals, use coupons or other rewards for sharing.

Referral Leads

Visitors to your portal other than the original guest.

A referral lead is someone, other than the original guest, who visits an album. This represents one of your guests recruiting another person to view their photos and videos and engage with your brand on the portal. Referral leads are generated through any type of share, i.e. forwarded original email, email share from the portal, sharing to Facebook and Twitter.

How do I improve?

In addition to the ideas in the Advocates section above you can increase referral leads by making sure that your social network settings are updated. Using these settings you can set the default title, description, and hashtags so that when guests share their photos you ensure that your brand messages are included.


Unique visitors to your portal.

This chart shows the total count of all unique visitors to your portal for the specified time period.


Number of views by all visitors to your portal.

This chart shows the total count of each view of your portal by all visitors for the specified time period.

Automatic Reminders

There are three charts for automatic reminders that show the following:

  1. Automatic Reminders Sent charts the number of automatic reminders sent each day, week, or month depending on your selected filtering options.
  2. Automatic Reminder Opens shows you the number of times automatic reminder emails were opened. This counts each time the email is opened.
  3. Automatic Reminder Clicks tracks the number of times guests clicked on links in an automatic reminder email.

These metrics are helpful to understand how many reminders are being sent and how they are performing.


There are three charts for messages that follow the same pattern as Automatic Reminders above.

Total Time on Page

Total number of minutes spent by all visitors viewing your portal.

The total amount of time in minutes that guests and referral leads spent viewing your portal for the specified time period.

Review Link Clicks

Number of times a third-party review button was clicked on the portal.

How many times guests clicked on 3rd-party review links in your portal in the specified time period.