How do I troubleshoot media uploads on my Android app and crashes?

Use the information below so that your device starts uploading media.

If your device is not uploading photos, please make sure you have checked the following:
  • You are logged into the Fotaflo Android app
  • Monitoring is turned ON
  • The device has an internet connection
    • You can test your internet download and upload speed:
      • Go to
      • Search for internet speed test
      • Tap or click Run Speed Test
    • The app is at the most recent version by checking for updates in the Google Play Store
    • Battery Saving mode is OFF:

    Authentication Error

    • Check that you are connecting to the correct network
    • Check that you have entered the correct password and that the password hasn't changed
    • Try Airplane mode with WiFi turned on
    • Forget the network and join it again