How do Integration labels work?

Some general and software specific information about Integration labels.

General Integration Label Information

  • Labels created by reservation/waiver systems are based on the date and 24 hour times so that they sort from oldest to newest on devices.
  • Reservation labels visible on devices have a start time within 12 hours before and 12 hours after the current time.

Use labels to add more photos to an album

Photo uploading will work the same way as it currently does without the labels. Photos will be added to the album as they upload as long as they upload with the label associated to them, even if you go in and out of WiFi or cellular range.


How can I only see labels for certain FareHarbor items?

There is a setting for the FareHarbor integration that would only display the labels of the activities that you would like to see. 

  • Permitted Activites
    • Check the Permitted Activities that you want to create integration labels for
  • Activity Labels
    • Decide if you need activity names in the labels (ie. 2019/07/09-09:00 to 12:00-John Smith or 2019/07/09-09:00 to 12:00-Example Activity Tour Name-John Smith)

FareHarbor Integration - Label Settings