What does the FareHarbor integration do and how does it work?

Fotaflo integrates with FareHarbor to make it even easier to deliver photos to your guests.

If you use FareHarbor as your reservation system you can make use of integration between Fotaflo and FareHarbor. This integration has two features available:

What does the integration with FareHarbor do?

There are two stages of the integration with FareHarbor.

1. Auto-completion of email addresses and phone numbers

Once the integration is enabled Fotaflo will be notified of all reservations that are booked in your FareHarbor account. When you deliver photos in Fotaflo you will be able to auto-complete the email addresses and phone numbers based on those that were used to book reservations in FareHarbor. This can save time and reduce the chance of manual error when delivering photos to your guests.

2. Automatic delivery of albums to reservations

Fotaflo’s FareHarbor integration makes it possible to automatically deliver photos and videos to your guests. It supports several automatic delivery options including:

  1. Delivering free photos to all guests
  2. Delivering photos to guests who purchased photos
  3. Delivering preview photos to guests who didn’t purchase, allowing them to purchase from home

How does the integration work?

When the FareHarbor integration is enabled FareHarbor will send information about your reservations to Fotaflo. Within Fotaflo you can configure the type of automatic delivery you’d like to use. Fotaflo will automatically create labels for each reservation with the name of the person who made the reservation and the date and time of the reservation. For example "2019/07/09-09:00 to 12:00-John Smith". These labels will show up in the Fotaflo Android or iOS app for you to select before you start taking photos which is the easiest and most automated way to associate photos and videos to reservations. 


Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 12.30.15 PM

Guests receive their photos and videos by email or text message

As soon as you upload media with the reservation label from the Android or iOS app, or import media through the web Fotaflo will automatically create an album for all photos with that label and deliver it to the email and phone numbers from the reservation in FareHarbor. You don't have to do any manual delivery! 

Note: Preview albums will deliver 1 hour after the tour end time.

Guests view their photos and videos in a custom-branded photo portal that includes your branding and easy actions to share photos by email, Facebook, and Twitter. There are also links to review your service on TripAdvisor, Yelp!, and Google Reviews.


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How do I enable FareHarbor integration?

Enabling this integration requires coordination between yourself, Fotaflo, and FareHarbor. If you’re already a Fotaflo customer simply contact Fotaflo support and let them know you’d like to set up FareHarbor integration.

You’ll need a Fotaflo account to get started. If you don’t have an account already you can sign up for a free 14-day trial. Once you’ve signed up contact Fotaflo support and let them know you’d like to set up FareHarbor integration

FareHarbor Integration Settings

Once your integration is set up you can read this article about the Integration settings and Delivery timelines.