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How do I import existing photos and videos?

You can import existing media into your catalog and choose the camera, assign labels, and change the date and time.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you don't navigate away from the Import media page once you have started imported photos and videos. You can have different tabs or windows open, but don't go to a different page from the one you were importing media on.

Import Media

Import existing photos and videos to deliver to your guests by clicking the up arrow at the top of the Fotaflo Catalog page.


The files you import need to be associated with a camera in Fotaflo, so the first thing you need to do is choose a camera in the dropdown.

Taken At Time

The files also need to have a date and time so there are two options:

  1. Overwrite taken at time: You can choose a date/time so that you can use those filters to find the media in the catalog page after it has been imported by clicking the 'Overwrite taken at time' box or choose the date and time if the image has no timestamp.
  2. You can also import the media using the time stamp embedded in the photo or video file by leaving the 'Overwrite taken at time' unchecked. 

Additional Filters

If you have these features enabled, you can choose to associate labels, integration labels or tags when importing media. These are additional filters you can use to find the media on the catalog page. 

Select Files to Import

Click on the File button to choose the files you want to import or drag and drop the files into the box.

Progress Bar

There is a progress bar that will show you how many files have imported and how many you have left. A green notification will pop up for every file that has been imported. Remember to not navigate away from this page until the uploading is completed.

How to Video

Catalog - Import Media 2


*Video Importing is available with the Standard and Plus plans