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How do I install and login to the Fotaflo Android app?

You can have the Fotaflo Android app on a personal device that you use day to day or on a device that you only use to take and upload photos.

Install the Fotaflo Android app using the Google Play Store

Use the Google Play Store to install the Fotaflo Android app, then log in and select your location and camera name.

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Log in to the Android App

Use your Fotaflo user account information (email address and password) to login to the Android app and choose your location and camera name.

An Administrator will need to send you an invitation if you do not have an account. Camera ID's can be created, edited deleted in the Camera settings section.

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Photo Uploading for a Personal and Dedicated Device

Below are videos on how to capture and upload media on a personal device and a dedicated device. To upload media by using the Fotaflo app on your smartphones.

  1. Make sure that the device is connected to the internet (either mobile or WiFi).
  2. Make sure that in the Fotaflo app that Monitoring is turned ON

  3. Make sure that your Battery Saver Mode is turned off.

Control Photo Uploading on a Personal Device

The Android app can be used on personal devices. This article will explain how you can enable and disable monitoring to control when photos and videos will be uploaded to Fotaflo.

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Device Settings for a Device Dedicated to Taking and Uploading Photos

Ensure the device is connected to the internet (WiFi or cellular) and make sure Monitoring is turned on to have the photos upload.

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