How do I invite team members?

Everyone on your team who will be using Fotaflo should have their own account with access to various features. Administrator users can add new team members and manage their access within your organization.

Add new team members and manage team member access

Team Roles

If you are the Organization Administrator then you automatically have all of the permissions to the application. Each of the other roles (Location Administrator, Marketing Specialist, Retail, and Photographer) will have fewer permissions granted.

If you are an Organization that has multiple locations when you invite more team members into the system they only need one role selected for the Organization if they are going to be working with photos from all of your locations. 

If you have multiple locations, then you can assign different roles for each location or only send access to one location. For example, Buzz Lightyear could be an Administrator at Location 1 but only receive photographer access at Location 2 and Sheriff Woody would only receive access to Location 1.

Video Tutorial

Watch this video to see how you can manage your team members and the access they have to your Fotaflo solution.

Settings - Manage Your Team