How do I manage my basic settings?

Set your address, phone number, currency and other basic settings for your organization and locations.


Settings - Basic Settings


Contact Information

In order to comply with anti-spam regulations, you must provide a mailing address and phone number to be included in all guest communication. You can also add your website URL and company email address.

The contact information will automatically be included in the emails that you deliver to your guests. The phone number will also be included on the Portal pages, so enter the phone number the way you want it to be displayed to guests and visitors.

Custom Subdomain

You can use a custom subdomain so that your guests see a unique branded portal where they can enter their album codes.

Once you've set a custom subdomain you also have the ability to use your own URL for your Fotaflo portal. This requires creating a CNAME DNS record and pointing it at the subdomain below. If your domain is and you have set the subdomain below to you can create a CNAME for that points to Now your guests can visit to reach your Fotaflo portal.

Email to change your custom subdomain after it has originally been set.

Automatic Media Approval

When photos and videos are uploaded they are automatically approved so they will be visible to your guests. Uncheck this option if you want to approve them manually before they are visible. *Available for Standard and Plus plans