How do I train my photographers?

This training program is intended to provide you with a procedure to train any staff that will be taking photos.

It is important to provide standard photos for your activity so that you provide a consistent service to guests and it becomes a natural part of your photographer's workflow. The specific photos that you choose for your activity are called photo locations.

Training Resources

Create a custom resource to provide information about how the Fotaflo system works, your photo locations, and how to use the cameras. You can use our presentation template to add photos that you would like your staff to be taking


HubSpot Video


Set Expectations

Schedule and host a training session to review your presentation and provide an onsite review of the photo locations including tips on how to take good photos of the guests and providing different photo angles as sunlight changes during the day and year.

There are a few important points about putting together photo albums that we want to highlight before we get to the examples.

  1. Providing a standard set of photos to guests requires creating a repeatable plan for which photos you take.
  2. It's important to provide the right mix of photos. Most of the photos should be individual intentional photos with only a few action photos and group photos.  Intentional photos are the most important photos to provide to your guests.
  3. Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to a photo marketing service.

Example Albums


Guide/Photographer shadowing for new hires


Spend time with your photographers reviewing the photos that were taken. Go through the photos that they took and compare to the photos in the photo location document. Make sure they are not taking many duplicate photos of the same people at one photo location. Guests love photos where they can see their face, make sure they are taking the photos when the guest is close enough.

Daily Device Checks

Fotaflo Daily Checklist 2

Other Photographer Training Resources

  • Securing the camera - The video shows the best practice of attaching a Fotaflo handheld camera to a photographer. This method is used to secure the camera close to the body to prevent it from swinging around and to limit damage to a camera if it is dropped. 
  • Photo and video taking guidelines - This is a short video that provides recommended guidelines for taking photos and videos to achieve high guest satisfaction.
  • Managing Reservation Labels - This image can be downloaded and saved for your staff to review.
  • Photo and Video Location Signs - This file is editable via adobe illustrator and can be modified based on print size