Setting up an Integration for Xola using Zapier

Integrate your reservation system with Fotaflo by sending reservation data through Zapier. This integration provides a more seamless photo delivery experience for your guests.

This guide helps you integrate your reservation system with Fotaflo by sending reservation data using webhooks.

When a webhook reservation is sent, Fotaflo will parse the request and store

  1. the name and contact information of the guests
  2. the date and time the tour starts and ends

It will then create a label for that reservation using the dates, times and contact names provided. A tour guide using the Fotaflo app to take photos of guests will be able to select any labels for tours which begin within 24 hours (12 hours in the past to 12 hours in the future). Once one or more labels are selected they can continue the tour and any photos taken will be labelled when uploaded to Fotaflo.

Finally, if automated deliveries are enabled, the photos associated with a reservation label will be delivered.

Deliveries are automatically sent according to the following:

  • If your location does giveaway deliveries, within 5 minutes of the first photo uploaded to that label after the tour start time.

Zapier Integration

Fotaflo has a private Zapier app. If you would like to use it please follow this link and click the “Accept Invite & Build a Zap” button.

Obtain a Location Key

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations
  2. If the menu option isn't available to you then please contact us to enable it on your account
  3. Select "Manage Location Keys" button:image4
  4. In the bottom right-hand corner select the red "Generate New Location Key" button:
    1. Copy the key safely into the Fotaflo Zapier app login or use it for your own custom integration
  5. Configuring the Zapier App

    1. Add the Fotaflo Zapier app as an Action
    2. Select the New Booking action
    3. Select Connect an Account and paste in your Location Key (generated in the previous section)
    4. Set up the template with the required and optional values:Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 5.31.34 PM
    5. Copy the Zap and change the trigger for the new Zap to “Booking Updated"
    6. Test and enjoy your integration!


  1. Automated delivery with Zapier will only work for clients who give away photos.
  2. The Zapier app is currently limited to receiving contact details (email, phone) about 1 guest per reservation.
  3. Xola doesn’t provide a consistent tour End Time
  4. Xola only has the full name so leave a space character in the Last Name field
  5. Upcoming bookings that were made before the integration was set up won’t appear in Fotaflo. Export a CSV of upcoming bookings and send it to