Tips for Marketing Specialists

A collection of articles and tips for marketing specialists including managing your branding, social content, promo media, and viewing advocates.

Fotaflo's Marketing Channels

In order to ensure your photos are getting the greatest social reach and generating the most referrals for you it’s important to set up the following marketing features:

Your Branding

You can upload and change the logos and watermarks that get added to all your photos and videos.

Set Up Your Logos and Watermarks

Guest Photo and Video Viewing Portal

All your guests view their photos through your custom branded viewing portal. You can set up your photo viewing portal to upload logos, background images and set up your call-to-action button. You can also connect to your TripAdvisor account and other review services.

Customize Your Photo Viewing Portal

Your Social Content

You can write the content and hashtags that will be shared on Facebook and Twitter when your guests share photos and videos.

Create Your Social Content

Your Promo Media

Upload great promo photos and videos to include along with your guest’s photos and videos.

Manage Your Promo Media

Fotaflo Guests

The Guests Page allows you to easily identify and reconnect with the top social advocates among your guests. You can see at a glance which of your guests are generating the most referral leads. The Guests page will also display referral activity, such as total referral leads, total referral leads to original albums, total referral leads to shared albums, album views and total time on page.

Learn more about identifying Advocates on the Guest page

Increase TripAdvisor Reviews by Including a Thank You Video

A great way to increase positive online reviews, referrals, and continue your relationship with your customers is to include a personalized thank you video from your guides in their albums.

Thank You Video Page